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Hear what our happy clients have to say...


Hear what our happy clients have to say...

These people really helped me out. I was struggling with very bad credit card debt and they were very caring and understanding. I was pleased at how fast they worked on this debt. I absolutely was satisfied with their service! Thank you Madison and Monroe for giving me my life back!

Mary B

Julie Baker

Madison Monroe gave me a manageable solution to an unmanageable debt load. They worked with my creditors, and always kept me informed. I still have a few months to go before I am debt free, but my credit score continues to climb. 

Joseline Parrales

Madison Monroe & Associates has to be a one-of-a-kind company in regards to customer service and the way they handle things. I will recommend this company 1000% percent! They will get to the bottom of anything you need.

Maria Isabel

This company has really made me feel supported about my student loans debt in ways I never imagined. They’re professional, responsive, very knowledgeable and will help fix your financial debt situation. They are not money thirsty as their prices and payment options are reasonable, they treat clients with the utmost respect and dedication, and they always remember me on a personal level after building rapport over the years. I’d rate them with five stars and I encourage anyone looking for these services, to go with Madison and Monroe Associates with confidence, because you’d be in good hands.

Melanin Star

Madison Monroe has been sooo great to me! I'm so grateful I was referred to this company and 2 yrs later I'm extremely satisfied with their customer service and guidance!! If you're thinking about giving them a try... Do It!! I have no regrets and $0.00 payments vs. $348/month I would've had to pay doing nothing. AMAZING company and people.

David Miracle

All of the people here are very knowledgeable... I have several family members who have used their program with success. They were always available to answer questions I had and made sure I knew what was going on and to keep me informed . I would recommend and refer anyone looking to get out of debt to use Madison and Monroe...

Matthew Spare

I had incurred credit card debt from a failed business. MMA said they could settle for a much lower number for my entire debt... they got me out of debt in 2 years and 1 month. I never got a harassing phone call from my creditors. I saved 10's of thousands and got that debt off my back.

Linda Beauchamp

Two years ago I was a past-middle age woman who had incurred considerable debt due to my misguided trust and foolishness. I researched many debt consolidation firms but found most of them to be aggressive to sign me and lacking in honesty and transparency. Then I came upon Madison Monroe, and Associates, a small firm with a lean toward helping women. From the first time I spoke with them, I was impressed with their knowledge and empathy. I felt I could put my trust in this company and have not been disappointed. They have managed all debt settlements, legal issues, and credit repair. To my relief, I expect to have my debt resolved over the next year. They even sent a hand-signed card at the Holidays! I would highly recommend Madison, Monroe, and Associates to anyone, especially women, looking to put their financial life back on track

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