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  • Rafael Ulloa

Working from Home

As we continue to navigate 2020, many of us are still working from home. If you are, there are ways to make it easier for you! Here are some of our tips!

Set A Schedule. Maybe it's boring but setting a schedule and sticking it can give structure to your day, and giving yourself ample break time can give you some much-needed relief when you're feeling overwhelmed. Make your breaks active and get the blood flowing to keep yourself alert, and make sure to grab a snack to keep your blood sugar level. When your scheduled break is over, you'll feel ready to get back to it and get things done! Curate Your Space. A proper workspace is important for focus. If you aren't fortunate to have a home office, make yourself a pop-up office! Set up a desk at a coffee table or kitchen table and keep that area tidy. Organization can relieve stress and encourage productivity! Invest in Some Headphones. If you like working to podcasts or music, a good pair of headphones can help you drown out the noise of your home environment. This is particularly important if you have housemates, a partner, or kids making a ruckus all day! If you find music distracting, there are some great earplug options for next to nothing on amazon! Balance Information and Obsession. The news cycle is always firing off new, and often stressful articles and updates on the world. You might want to stay informed, but avoid getting overwhelmed and unproductive. Curb your consumption by limiting yourself with a timer or number of articles, and only check once or twice a day. Know When to Call it Quits. Since there's no office to leave and no timecard to punch, it can be extra difficult to know when to stop working. When you finish work for the day, wrap things up, and leave your workspace area. Maybe reward yourself with a tasty snack or your favorite T.V. show! This way you won't get burnt out and can start fresh for a successful workday tomorrow. Touch Base. Staying connected when we're stuck at home is important. Confide in friends and coworkers who are also working from home. They will understand your frustrations and might even have some tips of their own! These are just a few ideas to keep you sane in this crazy time! Stay safe, stay strong, and get work done! Always know that we're here to support you in these trying times.

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