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Tips to save money this Thanksgiving

Tips to save money this Thanksgiving

Looking to save some money this Thanksgiving? This holiday is always full of fun, family, football and FOOD, but there's no reason to max out your credit card just to get everyone fed. Here's a few ideas to keep your feast financially friendly! Shop early! Don't wait around until the last minute to get your ingredients. Check around the internet or paper coupons before you hit the store, and give yourself plenty of time to shop around and get the best deals. Buying generic brands can save you a pretty penny, and choosing a supermarket turkey can cost as little as $2 per pound. Stay thrifty with table settings and decorations. Make your own place cards, forage your garden for a floral centerpiece, hit the thrift store for tablecloth and serving plates. Add a little candlelight and nobody will notice you're not featuring fancy crystal or fine china! There's no shame in cooking in disposable foil plates if you don't already own the cooking equipment you need. Ask around to your friends who aren't cooking to see if they can lend you some of the things you need, and if that fails, check the thrift store! Delegate cooking responsibility. If you've got a lot of guests coming, talk about delegating cooking responsibility. This will save you time, money, and stress! Asking someone to bake or even just bring a dessert pie can take hours off your prep and cooking time. Wine order can rack up quite a tab so asking each guest to bring a wine pairing for a dish can save you quite a bit, without asking them to spend too much time actually cooking anything. Remember, the holidays are about bringing people together and being thankful for what you have, not about splurging or breaking the bank. Follow these tips and you'll be in great shape for a fabulous feast for everyone to enjoy!

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