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  • Rafael Ulloa

Spruce Up Your Space

Spruce Up Your Space

With all the time we've been spending at home, it makes sense to want to spruce the place up a bit! Even when your wallet's run dry, there are ways to make your space feel custom and elegant that aren't expensive. Simple, strategic adjustments will have your space look spendy in no time. Patterns and Pillows. Adding textiles and throw pillows in a variety of patterns can add depth and life to any space. There are some great options you can find on the cheap, or buy something unique, second hand! Make a Shade Swap. Standard lamp shades can be anything but elegant, but you can find fun and unique options. This helps you avoid purchasing a whole new lamp and will only set you back 5-10 bucks! Long curtains. Floor to ceiling windows are the mark of expensive architecture. Even if you don't have them, you can fake it with floor to ceiling curtains! It'll give a more chic feel to the space and curtains can soften the lighting making any room feel cozier. Fresh flowers! Even a grocery store-bought bunch of flowers can really brighten up your space. You can even get more bang for your buck by separating the flowers into several, smaller arrangements to spread around your space. Even better (and cheaper), make your own flower or greenery arrangement from the great outdoors! Less is More. Decluttering is never a bad idea but it has the added benefit of elevating your design. Too much stuff can look clunky and disorganized– plus organization is scientifically proven to improve your mental state! Accent Walls. If you're not feeling up to pay for an entire repaint of your rooms, an easy DIY way to liven up a space is picking a single wall paint as an accent wall. A deeper color can make a big statement and help highlight your furniture and art… all for the price of a single can of paint. Just because you're saving money doesn't mean you can't love the space you live in! Try out some of these ideas and start living your best life.

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