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Save On Utilities This Winter

Especially if the holidays left you with a tight budget, mid-winter can be a very important time to look at your spending on utilities. Energy isn’t free and becoming a significant portion of household spending in the US. Finding ways to limit your use can significantly reduce monthly spending for you and your family. It goes beyond simply putting on a sweater (although this can really make a substantial difference if you’re used to cranking the heat morning, noon and night.) There are a lot of things to do around the house to limit utility use and save you a pretty penny throughout this winter.

Check Your Thermostat

If you leave the house for work during the day and are asleep at night, there’s no need to blast heat all the livelong day. Most thermostats allow you to program them so you can have you house a little warmer in the evenings and then lower for the rest of the day. There’s also a strong argument for investing in some cozy slippers and a warm robe to stop you from constantly blasting the heat. Surprise the whole family with fuzzy socks and stick a note by the thermostat with heating limits.

Turn Down the Water Heater

On average, households spend over $500 just on heating water. Most default to about 140 degrees but you can certainly turn that lower and still enjoy a warm shower every morning. You can also wash your clothes in cold water which saves on energy and also helps preserve clothing longer and is more efficient at removing stains.

Learn and Obey Peak Utility Times

Maybe you weren’t aware, but energy goes on sale every day. During peak hours, energy companies charge the most for energy used. Limiting your energy use from 5pm - 8pm can significantly reduce your bill for the month. Consider doing late-night laundry or early morning dishes when these machines can take advantage of the cheapest energy costs.

Use More Efficient Light Bulbs

LED lightbulbs last 42 times longer than a regular light bulb (!!!) Not only that, but they use 80% less power. It’s still not a bad idea to turn lights off when you leave the room or the house, but switching to these improved light bulbs will always reduce the cost of lighting energy. LED smart bulbs are also available that allow you to program your lights with timers on your phone to automatically turn themselves off at the end of the night. No need to get off the couch!

If you are concerned about money due to a considerable amount of debt, there is help available. Here at Madison Monroe & Associates, we act as a partner to help you eliminate debt and get back on the path to financial freedom. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Madison Monroe & Associates at or call us at (877) 346-2797.

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