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Reach Your Fitness Goals for FREE

If you’re still on track with your New Years Resolution to get in shape – Congratulations! But gym memberships can be costly and weekly workout, dance, or yoga classes will cost you an arm and a leg, no matter how fit you are! We’ve gathered a few recommendations on ways to stay fit for free so you can keep your savings in shape too.

1. Check-Out Free Workout Apps

Although they might not be quite as motivating as a personal trainer, you really can get a wonderful workout with some of the free apps available these days. Fitness Blender offers a huge variety of workouts you can do at home! Nike Training Club also has a huge number of at-home workouts and the option to customize your workout routine based on goals. You’ll save on gas and time without having to head to the gym or studio to get your sweat on.

2. Join a Club

Need that in-person motivation? Or just enjoy the social aspect of fitness? Check out Craigslist or MeetUp and find yourself a club that meets weekly or monthly to work out together. Facebook groups also offer fitness events for free all the time so check out local groups to find something that fits your fancy.

3. Workout on The Way To Work

This one will surely save you the most – get yourself a bike or a comfy pair of walking shoes and commute to work. We recommend bringing a change of shirt during the summer months. Your waistline will shrink while your checking account grows!

4. YouTube Yoga

While you used to have to hit up a local studio for quality yoga instruction, the popularity of Yoga on YouTube absolutely exploded and you will have more fantastic options than you know what to do with. A quick search will reveal a multitude of Yoga dedicated channels.

5. Capitalize On Free Intro Classes

Plenty of Spin, Barre, Yoga, and Dance studios offer a free introductory course for new members. If you don’t mind adventuring around town, you could line up a full month of classes without paying a cent! You can also find free or significantly reduced pricing for the first session or week at Gyms, Rock Climbing Gyms, Swimming Clubs, and more. Get Googling then get moving!

While taking care of your physical health is obviously extremely important, it is equally important to maintain and care for your financial health. If you need assistance in restoring your financial wellness, look to Madison Monroe & Associates to be your partner as you eliminate debt. Don’t hesitate to reach out at or call us at (877) 346-2797.

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