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Meal Prepping To Save Time & Money

Meal Prepping To Save Time & Money

Almost everyone has heard of meal-prepping at this point, but in the slight chance you haven’t, meal-prepping is simply preparing your food in advance so you can have easy, on the go meals that ultimately save you time and money.

Meal-prepping has so many benefits. By home-cooking all of your meals, you eliminate the added fees from eating out, plus you can reuse any leftovers which reduces the amount of food you waste. Not only is it better for your wallet and the planet, but meal-prepping also makes things easier on your day to day life. Wouldn’t it be great to only make 3 large meals for the next 3 days rather than spend your time planning and cooking 9 smaller meals? Of course it is! This small fact, though a time saver, can deter some people because they don’t want their meals to be repetitive. Luckily, there are little things you can add like new dressings or veggies that can spice things up so you don’t get bored. Still interested?

First things first. You have to find the right containers that work for you. There are definitely some out there that come with a hefty price tag, but there are options available that are both reusable as well as affordable. You ultimately just have to decide what is best for you. For an inexpensive, stackable, and dishwasher safe option, take a look here.

Next, you have to decide which foods you want to cook with. It’s important to take into consideration which items last the longest, and which you should keep in a separate container in order to keep them fresh for the next few days. Buying in bulk tends to cut the costs, but be sure you keep an eye on those expiration dates so you don’t end up wasting precious produce! Some of the best go-tos are usually raw or frozen vegetables, lean proteins, whole fruits, whole grains, as well as nuts and seeds. Here are some easy and inexpensive recipes to get you started!



Greek Yogurt, Granola, Maple Syrup, Berries


Ingredients: Turkey Taco Meat, Brown Rice, Pico De Gallo, Corn, Mexican Cheese


Ingredients: Penne Pasta, Sun-dried tomatoes, Chicken Breast, Milk, Seasoning, Parmesan Cheese

Since this trend has been around for some time, there are tons of options out there that can suit any palate and budget. All you have to do is plan ahead. Once you get in the swing of things, you’ll be surprised at how big of a game changer meal prepping truly is. At the end of the day, it is extremely important to take care of ourselves, our time and our wallets.

If you are struggling financially and need assistance getting back on track, reach out to Madison Monroe & Associates. We are here to help guide you on your journey to financial freedom.

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