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How To Give Back (without going broke)!!

How To Give Back (without going broke)!!

The Giving Season is upon us! If you're strapped for cash and coping with debt, the idea of giving back can seem out of reach. But giving back isn't exclusively financial! There are plenty of ways to help others in need without shelling out dollar bills. We've prepared some ideas for you to give back this season without going broke yourself. 1. Volunteer to get food to those in need. There are plenty of food banks and meal services that need willing participants to give their time to help get families fed. Look up your local soup kitchens and see if you can spend just a few hours helping hungry folks get a nice warm meal as the temperature drops. 2. Donate Clothes, Toys, and Decorations. If your closets are bursting and your decoration bins overflowing, consider making a drop off to a collection station to give what you don't need to those you do. Most people own way more stuff than they actually need or use, and passing those items on to those that would be grateful to have them can be an amazing feeling. 3. Make Dinner for Friends and Family in need. Sometimes the simple gesture of cooking a nice meal for someone who can't afford to do it for themselves can mean so much. If you don't feel comfortable hosting because of the virus, simply pack up a feast and a bundle of flowers to their home and let them enjoy the fruits of your labor. 4. Use your Creativity to Craft for Others! Consider putting your skills to use to make something for others. You could sew clothing for preemie babies or knit scarves for the homeless. A batch of homemade cookies for the vagrants living in your area can help you spread holiday cheer. Make some ornaments for a local shelter. Get creative! 5. Share The Gift Of Song. If you're a singer, or even if you're not, putting together a group to visit areas or houses in your community can warm the hearts of your neighborhood without the stress of spreading sickness and serve as a nice reminder that we're all in this together.

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