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Hiking: Free, Fun, and Good for the Soul

Hiking: Free, Fun, and Good for the Soul

"Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time." John Muir

There are countless ways to relieve stress. Many of these ways expensive, difficult to access, or just impractical… but not hiking. There is a boatload of research on how hiking is good for you, and we know it's also good for your wallet. It's a full-body workout that will increase your strength and endurance, is beneficial to your health and wellbeing, and is practically free. The following are some reasons to make hiking your next self-care outing. Hiking Makes You Stronger. Navigating over uneven terrain and going up and down hills offers more than just a leg workout. It will engage your core and even upper body and leave you much stronger than just taking a walk. Hiking Clears the Mind and Lowers Stress. Life was stressful before we had a global pandemic, pending recession, and the slew of other troubles 2020 has brought us. Work, family, and social life can leave us spread incredibly thin with an elevated stress level that can last for days. A hike through nature will reduce both your stress cortisol levels even more than regular exercise. Hiking Makes You Cheerful. Science has shown that hiking can provide a release from what they call "rumination". Repeating thought patterns and fixation on negative moments and thinking everything is wrong in your life is awful, but a good long hike can break these patterns and offer some much-needed relief, and leave you feeling much happier. Hiking Will Help You Sleep. When you're hiking, you can't fixate on the screens, emails, texts, and other distractions that come with 21st-century life. These screens can prevent us from getting quality rest. This departure from technology combined with some good exercise will result in improved sleep. Hiking Will Help You Solve Your Problems. Away from distractions and stimulated instead by the glory of nature and relaxation that comes with mild to moderate exercise- you'll find you've freed up enough mind space to activate your creative problem-solving skills and creativity. If something is weighing on your mind, try a hike to work things out! Hiking Can Improve Your Friendships. Hiking alone can give you time to think and relax, but hiking with friends can help you forge stronger connections and make lasting memories. Grab your friends, a picnic lunch, and a camera and make a day you'll remember for years! Hiking Will Improve Your Memory. Speaking of memories, studies show that those who spend time in the great outdoors have improved memory and recollection. Ditch the mind games and crosswords and head for the hills instead! If this wasn't enough to convince you to go take a hike, the only thing that could would be taking a hike. At no cost to you, you can enjoy all the price benefits listed above. So take a hike! Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it. Find out more about how MM&A can help your financial standing.

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