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Fun Activities this Summer that Won't Break the Bank

Fun Activities this Summer that Won�t Break the Bank

Summer is upon us. That means more daylight, more sunshine, more fun. But more fun doesn't have to mean more money spent. We've taken a moment to create a list of activities you and your family can do this summer that are tons of fun but won't bust your budget.

Nature walk.

With national and state parks opening, there's no better place to get away from it all and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Take a walk and acquaint yourself with the local flora and fauna. Hike to a watering hole and take a dip. Summit a mountain and enjoy the view. Find out about nature near you here . And don't forget the sunscreen!


Spend an afternoon giving some old t-shirts new life or get experimental and try dying something else. Some of our favorite tye-dye projects have included, sheets, light wash jeans, scrunchies, beach towels, and canvas shoes. Try some of these cool techniques ! Tie-dye kits are cheap and easy to find online or at the store. Plus, you can enjoy your creations all summer long!

Water balloon fight.

Need to beat the heat? Cool off with a heated water-balloon battle in the back-yard. Split into teams and see who gets soaked first! Head to the park for a game like capture-the-flag or volleyball using your balloons. You'll have such a blast, you may even forget how hot it is.


No summer is complete without popsicles. Instead of buying them at the store, try your hand at making them yourself. They're healthy, refreshing, and most importantly: simple to make. You can use any fruit, juice, or yogurt you have on hand, and overnight you have a snack that both kids and adults will adore! Check out Pinterest for endless inspiration.


The art of paper folding started in 17th-century japan but continues today as a pleasant and relaxing pastime. Put on your favorite playlist, grab some paper, and find some much-needed tranquility. Get the kids involved and fold some silly colorful animals that can be decorative as well as entertaining. This guide for beginners will get you started, and you'll be an Origami Sensi in no time!


Back-yard cookouts are the best way to enjoy a gorgeous summer evening. Fire up the grill and throw on your favorite marinated meats and veggies for a delicious dinner in minutes. Put down a blanket and make it a picnic. Pair your BBQ with some homemade lemonade. The savory summer smells will have mouths watering down the block!

Stovetop S'mores.

Nothing smells of summer quite like s'mores. But with this stovetop recipe , there's no need for a campfire. Gather around the dinner table for ghost stories or a card game, and dig into this sweet treat.


Grab some blankets and pillows and enjoy a warm summer night looking at the stars. Turn off all the lights in your house to maximize your night vision, then lie back and enjoy the majesty of the night sky. Check out this free interactive constellation app to help you spot stars and planets. Those are just a few ways to make the most of this summer on a budget and always remember that the best things in life are free!

From all of us at Madison Monroe & Associates, we wish you a summer of excitement and joy and a reminder that we are here as your financial partner in these trying times. Don't hesitate to reach out by emailing us at or calling us at (877) 346-2797.

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