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Fabulously Frugal Fall Fun

Fabulously Frugal Fall Fun

Autumn is in the air! It's the season for gratitude, get‐togethers, and cozy sweaters. With flash‐sales and pricey activities everywhere you turn, it's easy to way overspend your monthly budget in fall. We've collected some fun and fiscally‐friendly ideas for how to make the most out of autumn without draining your bank account. Spend some time out in the yard. If you're a gardener, mid‐fall is a great time to plant some cool‐weather flowers and even some vegetables for harvest. If not, there may be some leaves to rake into a pile and then joyfully jump into! Have a Bon‐Fire! Make sure you're doing this safely and legally, but a bon‐fire can make a super memorable budget evening in autumn. Brush up on your campfire songs and stories and don't forget to bring marshmallows. Carve Pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is a wonderfully creative family activity that doesn't cost much more than a pumpkin does. Check out pinterest and attempt some weird and whacky designs, then enjoy them for weeks in your window sill. Movie Night. Since movie theatres aren't readily available these days, stay home and enjoy your favorite fall films from the comfort of your couch. Pop some popcorn and snuggle in for a movie marathon! Bake Some Fall Treats. There's no shortage of fantastic recipes that incorporate the best of the fall harvest. Try your hand at some pumpkin bread, or bake up some shortbread cookies and create your own kooky decorations! DIY Tailgate. For all you football fanatics, make your own fun on game day by hosting your own tailgate! Grab some snacks and an easy‐up and invite your friends to cheer on your boys in the backyard! Fall in love with these affordable fall activities and have a safe and happy season! Take the leaves changing as a cue to make positive and financially responsible changes in your life.

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