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Best Ways To Save On 2021 Holiday Travel

There’s much joy after the 2020 Holiday Season that so many families and friends are able to travel and celebrate together. However, overly inflated airfares and exceedingly high gas prices will make 2021 one of the most expensive years for holiday travel that we’ve seen in a while. Airlines and airports are short staffed, causing mass cancellations and delays and driving up costs across the board. If you’re considering traveling this holiday season and you haven’t sorted out your plans yet, follow these tips to ensure maximum savings.

Haven’t Booked Yet? Pick Those Travel Dates Wisely!

The cheapest day to fly domestic is December 21st. The cheapest for international flights is December 22. If at all possible, try to book your flights on one of these days! Flights home reach untold heights on the 26th so if you can hold off until the 28th or 29th, you’ll save a pretty penny.

Consider using a site like Skyscanner or Hopper. They make it easy to set up alerts to let you know when the optimal price point has been hit.

Check Bags Or Send It In The Mail?

Are you a big gift giver? Depending on the details of your flight reservation, it may be significantly cheaper to ship gifts or luggage to your destination rather than check a bag. Airlines have increased fees and your first checked bag could cost you more that $60! Do your homework and check out which option will save you more.

Brown Bag Your Lunch.

Everyone knows that airport food is generally the highest price for the lowest quality. Skip the restaurants and over priced in-flight meal service and pack yourself and your family food to enjoy. TSA won't let you through with liquids but there are plenty of tasty food options that are on the drier side. Homemade sandwiches, cheese and crackers, burrito or wraps are all great options!

Save On Gas When You Can.

If you won’t be flying this year but are planning on making the journey by car, make sure you download the GasBuddy app. It will show you where all the cheapest gas options are near you. Also consider carpooling if at all possible. Friends and family are the best but you can also search for a craigslist rideshare and help someone trying to get home for the holidays while splitting gas!

Enjoy your holidays in a safe and happy way, and if you’re stressed about your financial standing, reach out to Madison Monroe & Associates and see if we can be a partner on your path to financial freedom. Email us at or call us at (877) 346-2797.

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