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Amazing Budget Dinners

Amazing Budget Dinners

2020 will be remembered for a lot of things, but one of the positives will be it's reputation as the year we all became our own personal chefs. With some much time spent at home, many of us whose previous signature dish was breakfast cereal are learning to cook things we'd never imagined! Here are some ideas on amazing dinner dishes to try out, that also won't bust your budget during the recession. This first one is great for you meat lovers, or those of you hell‐bent on tricking your kids into eating spinach. No need to splurge on a fancy cut of meat when you can combine the affordability of chicken breasts with the flavor power of bacon. Add a little cheese and green and voila! You've got a gourmet dinner at a fraction of the price. Don't be fooled by the fabulous photo‐ this dish is SO EASY to make. And it tastes amazing to boot. Best Bacon & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Recipe ‐ How To Make Bacon & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Garlicky Spaghetti Nobody needs the hassle of a trip to the grocery store these days. The masks, the lines, the stress… no thank you. Luckily, this dish has ingredients you probably already have in your fridge and pantry! A flavorful spin on regular old spaghetti will keep your tummy and wallet happy. Best Garlic Spaghetti Recipe ‐ How To Make Garlic Spaghetti Ain't nothing like chinese take out and a movie on the couch… Or is there? This beef and broccoli recipe rivals even your favorite local spot, and you'll save on delivery fees. Best Beef And Broccoli Recipe For something exotic, healthy, and thrifty, try these Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups! It packs loads of flavor without loads of calories and you can throw them together in no time at all. Perfect for lunch or a light dinner any day of the week. Best Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups Recipe ‐ How to Make Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups Try something new, inventive and better than fast food! Someone thought to combine the magic of pretzels and honey mustard with classic chicken nuggets. Clocking only 25 minutes, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your evening and all the dollars you saved! How To Make Best Sheet Pan Honey Mustard–Pretzel Chicken Recipe Speaking of fast food alternatives, skip the drive thru and make your own Crunchwrap Supreme. Extra fresh, extra simple, and extra savings! Best Crunchwrap Supreme Recipe ‐ How to Make a Copycat Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme There's no need to bust your wallet or leave the house to eat delicious meals! We here at Madison Monroe & Associates are here to support you in your financial health and remind you that financial health is in your grasp, no matter your position.

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