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9 Items That Will Save You Money In the Long Run

9 Items That Will Save You Money In the Long Run

Normally, we wouldn’t be the ones who are encouraging you to spend money. However, in this case, we couldn’t recommend these purchases more highly! There are certain things out there that are not only worth every penny, but will help you save serious pennies in the long run. Take a peak and find out where you can start saving.

Coffee Maker

If you are an avid coffee drinker (honestly, who isn’t these days?) who goes to Starbucks or the local coffee shop at least once a day, it is time to start thinking about getting yourself your very own coffee maker! Now, it doesn’t have to be a super fancy one, but spending a little extra money to help you get that caffeine fix at home will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.


Smoothies? Pesto? Soups? Cocktails? The possibilities are endless when it comes to owning your very own blender. Take out the hassle of going to your favorite smoothie joint and paying $5 for a “Razzmatazz” by whipping yourself up a delicious treat from the comfort of your own home!

Kitchen Towels

How often do you find yourself running to the local grocery store to pick you and your family up a new batch of paper towels? Too often – we’re sure. Eliminate that extra item on your shopping list and pick yourself up some machine washable kitchen towels instead! Take the mess out of your home, and your finances.

Reusable Containers To Replace Snack Bags

Ziploc has been around for ages, ensuring we have the proper tools to transport our food from one place to another as well as making sure those leftovers stay fresh in the fridge. Unfortunately, Ziplocs can get expensive, especially if you are using them on the daily. So why not buy yourself some reusable food storage bags instead? Just give them a good wash, and they are good to go!

Rechargeable Batteries

Have you ever gone to grab a flashlight only to find out that the batteries are dead? Even worse, you don’t have any fresh ones lying around? Batteries are expensive and unfortunately don’t have a long lifespan. Don’t worry – we have the answer! Rechargeable batteries can be used for as long as seven years without getting replaced.

Phone Screen Protector/Case

Now this might seem obvious, but this is a crucial tool that any phone owner should invest in. Cracked screens and missing pieces are all possible when you do not properly protect your device. Repair costs are less-than-affordable so be prepared for the worst and buy yourself a screen protector and case!

Reusable Q Tips

Now the idea might seem off-putting, but there are reusable (and washable) “cotton” swabs out there that not only last longer, but save the planet as well! The cost for one is usually only around $10 and will keep your ears squeaky clean for years to come.


Have you ever tried growing your own garden? Not only can it be a fun activity, but it also will help you save bundles of money on pre-potted plants/. Seeds are relatively cheap, especially when compared to the price of grocery-bought produce, so start planting and watch your money grow.

Reusable Bags

All around the nation, cities and states are banning plastic bags. In places where they are still being used, consumers are most likely going to be tacked with a “bagging fee” while checking out. Although the fee is small (usually around 10 cents per bag), the cost adds up! So do your part for mother nature (and your wallet) and start using reusable shopping bags instead!

Money is worth spending when it is an investment. These purchases might seem like they aren’t worth it, but trust us, you will be thanking us in the long run. If you are struggling financially and need assistance, remember that Madison Monroe and Associates are here to help.

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