4 Ways to Bank Extra Money for Your Upcoming Vacation

4 Ways to Bank Extra Money for Your Upcoming Vacation

Saving money for your upcoming vacation may seem impossible but strategizing ways you can make extra money can help you out. Below are some ideas that can help you pad your vacation savings before you take off.

  • Sell Your Things
    Life is more about experiences than stuff – especially when the stuff you own can put cash in your pocket. You can sell stuff from home through avenues like Facebook Marketplace and Buy/Sell/Trade groups or use websites/apps like eBay, Craigslist or OfferUp. Keep in mind that some items sell better during certain months. Research the things you have to sell to make sure you are selling them during their peak sales periods.

  • Use a Credit Card that Works for You
    If you own a credit card that accumulates airline miles, use it for all of your regular expenditures during the year. Once vacation time comes around, you may be able to fly for free (so long as you remember to pay off your spending right away so you aren’t incurring extra fees)!

    You may also consider signing up for credit-card sign-up bonuses. By simply singing up, you can score cash and put it toward your next trip!

  • Grab a Side Job
    It seems obvious but we want to mention it in case you haven’t thought of it. Some people think that if they take on a side job, it has to be long term. Look for a temp position instead. Consider waiting tables or babysitting or look for one-off jobs on craigslist, like getting paid to stand in line for tickets.

  • Use Your Car
    Make a little extra money by using your car. Set up a carpool and charge coworkers for rides or make money as an Uber or Lyft driver.

    If you are flying to your vacation destination and want to save money on parking fees at the airport, rent out our car with TravelCar to other travelers while you are away. You may find a check waiting on you when you return!

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