The Most Common Utility Costs And How to Reduce Them

The Savings Can Add Up Quickly When You Follow These Simple Tips!

The Most Common Utility Costs And How to Reduce Them

Transitioning from living in a utilities‐included apartment to your first home?
As we have discussed before on this blog, moving into a house comes with several important financial responsibilities.
No worries, though! In this article, we will walk you through a clear and concise list of the most common utilities, along with a few simple tips that can help you plan ahead minimize your costs.

Electric and Gas.
Heating, cooling, and keeping the lights on will usually be the biggest utility costs ‐ ‐ here are some steps you can take to pay less:

    ‐ Get smart about climate control. Don't run the heat or air conditioning excessively. Adding better insulation and installing a smart thermostat are also excellent money-savers.
    ‐ Limit appliance usage. Line dry your clothes in summer, and avoid running the washer and drying when half full. Keep the fridge full to increase insulation. Lower the max temp on your hot water heater.
    ‐ Turn electronics off when not in use. From your TV to your kitchen light and everything in between ‐‐ keep an eye out for unused energy consumers. (Bonus: unplug electronics when not in use for even more savings!)

Water and Sewer.
Wasting water is bad for the environment and your wallet. Here are a few tips worth considering:
    ‐ Never let water run when not being used. Many of us are guilty of this during our morning routines.
    ‐ Fix leaks promptly. This has the added benefit of reducing damage.
    ‐ Consider low‐usage fixtures. Water-efficient toilets, shower heads, etc. can be good investments for anyone suffering from the high water bill blues!

Trash and Recycling.
Trash removal can be surprisingly expensive. Here are a couple ways to lower this cost.
    ‐ Shop around. There may be multiple trash removal services working in your area.
    ‐ Reduce your output. Cutting back on trash output (or simply taking excess garbage to the dump yourself) can also reduce your trash bill.

Tech Utilities.
    Telephone, cable, and internet are oftentimes referred to collectively as "tech utilities." And, conveniently, the best way to save on these services is usually finding a bundle! (Of course, if you aren’t a big TV watcher, then you may wish to consider simply skipping cable all together!)

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