Maximizing Your Outdoor Space

Maximizing Your Outdoor Space

You've found the perfect home and it has everything you've ever dreamed of. Spacious, modern kitchen. Gloriously open floor plan. Giant bedrooms. Great location and neighborhood.
The only downside is the backyard is slightly smaller than you'd hoped.
But no reason to stress.
There are many ways you can optimize your outdoor space to make it feel much larger! Check out our favorites below.

Separate Your Space
Breaking up your outdoor area into separate spaces or nooks can help make your backyard feel larger. Place items like planters, small walls, or outdoor light fixtures in between the spaces or separate them by installing different ground surfaces, such as decking, gravel, grass, and concrete.

Use Plants Creatively
Place plants throughout your backyard to help open up the space. Use plants with larger leaves to create depth, place warm-colored plants, such as red, yellow, or orange, near the front or in the center of the yard to catch attention, or install a trellis or plant taller plants to draw the eye upwards.

Plan for Foot Traffic
Before you set up your outdoor space, consider the traffic pattern in and around the area. To ensure plenty of open space near your main entry, create a pathway that's at least four feet wide. This will give the appearance of a large open space and allow visitors to move freely within your space.

Incorporate Strategic Decor
Use big structures like pergolas and arbors to frame your outdoor space and give it a grander feel. Add a large sculpture or water fixture in the center or towards the back of the yard as a focal point, then arrange your furniture around it. Finally, hang large mirrors with steel, stone, or wooden frames to reflect light and trick the eye.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space
Any outdoor space can be transformed into a functional living area no matter the size. Vertical gardens are the perfect way to add color and lushness without taking up much space.
Narrow outdoor courtyards or tiny decks and patios can be enhanced by adding taller seating options like narrow or hanging chairs.

By using these techniques and more, you can alter perception and make your small yard feel like the large one of your dreams.

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