Hot Home Trends

Hot Home Trends

The world is rapidly changing ‐‐ which is why considering the impact of tech on your future is a wise move. Fixr recently surveyed influencers in the industry to discover who's in the market to buy and what home features are most attractive to them. Here's what they found!

  • 1. Open Floor Plans: Those surveyed believe that Generation X and Millennials will make up a large majority of buyers this year. They will look for an open floor concept, allowing them to maximize on space, choose from a variety of furniture layouts and decoration, and more easily entertain guests.

  • 2. Smart Home Features: New technologies for automating your home are popping up every single day. From sprinklers to lights to door locks, smart devices are of great interest to home buyers.

  • 3. Solar Energy: Finding ways to lower monthly bills is a big goal for many home buyers. A home equipped with solar panels not only achieves this but allows home buyers to introduce renewable energy into their home.

  • 4. Tiny Homes: Many home buyers are looking to jump on the tiny house trend, particularly those who are minimalists or are first-time home buyers.

  • 5. Voice Control Features: In line with the desire for home automation, those surveyed believe that the addition of voice-controlled devices in the home are a huge selling point. Although investing in improvements and additions that follow these trends may have upfront costs, the payoff will be worth it. Take them into account as you prepare to sell you home and use them to stage your home more effectively and ultimately help you make the sale.

  • 6. Bouclé: Bouclé yarns give texture to woven fabrics often resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing product and is a durable fabric while still being soft to the touch. This great fabric adds a dramatic texture and turns a drab piece into something a little more exciting.

  • 7. Natural Textiles: Use wools, cotton, linen, alpaca, or leather in your home design scheme. These materials are healthy, cleanable, breathable and they age beautifully. Many natural textile fibers come from plants, such as hemp, linen, and cotton.

  • 8. Biophilia: There is a greater interest in biophilia‐emphasizing the relationship between humankind and nature, and the connections between the two. Natural, organic materials such as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life remind us of the exterior and brings the outside and nature in.

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