You May Be Able to Get Your Hospital Bill Reduced or Eliminated

You May Be Able to Get Your Hospital Bill Reduced or Eliminated

We are about to share a little secret with you about hospital bills: The bill you first receive is not a set amount. There is always room to negotiate ‐ and you may be able to get the entire bill forgiven completely. Here are some tips on how you may be able to work your hospital bills down.

  • Hospital Financial Assistance

    Many hospitals (especially nonprofits) have financial assistance programs available to help people pay for medical bills they normally would not be able to afford. Generally speaking, there are two situations where you are most likely to qualify:

  • · Uninsured
  • · Insured but still owe a significant amount

    If you fall into either of these categories, you may be eligible for one of two types of assistance:
    1. Bill reduction or forgiveness may be an option for you. This is typically determined based on your circumstances.
    2. A 0% interest repayment plan may also be available to you. This program is often offered without specific eligibility requirements, meaning anybody can take part of this benefit.

    Occasionally, you may be able to combine the two benefits, qualifying for a reduction and then paying the reduced amount interest free.

    To find out if you qualify for assistance, reach out to your hospital and ask. There should be a phone number on your bill to call.

  • Negotiating Your Medical Bill

    If you do not qualify for assistance, there may still be hope. You might be able to negotiate your bill ‐ especially if you can pay a significant amount up front or in cash. Some hospitals and other medical facilities will offer a significant discount if you pay your bill in full.

    It may be of benefit to you to research other local hospitals charges. If other facilities charge less, you may be able to use that as leverage for getting a chunk of your medical debt reduced.

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