Try These 3 Tricks That are Proven to Help You Save

Try These 3 Tricks That are Proven to Help You Save

Budgeting and tracking go a long way when it comes to saving money. But according to science, some new discoveries have proven that financial freedom may have a lot to do with having the right mindset and developing specific disciplines. So here are some mental and behavioral tricks that can help you to keep more money in your pocket.

  • Shop but Don't Buy Sometimes we get excited about buying something but once we own it, it fails to fulfill our desires like we expected it to. One study found that consumers may receive more pleasure from just wanting and pursuing products than from actually paying for and owning them, according to the Journal of Consumer Research.

    So the next time you are shopping online, add items to your cart but consider not buying them and walk away. If you are shopping in a physical store, give your cart to the cashier (you typically have 24 hours to return to buy). Allow yourself time and space to be separated from the product and consider whether you truly want it.
  • Get Moving! Studies have proven that there is a connection between your physical and fiscal health, determining that patients who have heart disease who exercise regularly save over $2,500 a year on health costs. If you want to save more, start doing push-ups or hit the trail!
  • Keep Crisp, Large Bills in Your Pocketbook Have you ever stopped to examine the crispness and fresh smell of a new bill? Sometimes it may even be difficult to hand over that perfect, unadulterated $50 or $100 bill to break. We tend to be more drawn to larger denominations so you may be able to save money by keeping crisp, large bills in your wallet.

    According to a Journal of Consumer Research study, people are more likely to spend crumpled dirty money while holding on to their new bills.

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