Easy, Fun, Original, and Affordable Halloween Costumes

It is Halloween season again and we're willing to guess than there's more than a few of you who have been waiting for costume inspiration to strike… for the past 11 months. Never fear for we are here to offer you some outstandingly fun and inspired costumes that won't break the bank.

We love this first one because it's obscenely easy, and we doubt you'll even have to go shopping. All you need is a shirt and some scissors and you'll have your very own skeleton tee! If you don't have white, we're strong believers that crazy colored skeletons are not only acceptable but recommended!

Skeleton Tee

Most ladies will have the makings of a mime costume in their closet already! Some cute black and white outfit will do and the white makes up does all the work to make you undeniably recognizable as a mime!

Be a Trailer Park Goddess! All you need for this costume is some old beer cans and some redneck swagger! Wrap your hair up in the cans to get an unbeatably original up-do, but maybe don't drink all the beer right before you attempt it!

Trailer Park Goddess

Who doesn't love Bob Ross! Although this one is a little bit more involved, it's so original and if you're willing to get crafty (or...painty?) it's still possible to do for extra cheap. Extra points if you bring your own little paint pallet and pretend to paint all night!!!

A red plaid shirt is the only real requirement for being a Brawny Boy this Hallows Eve! Some facial hair (or brown marker?) is an obvious plus. Brawny Boy

This Morton Salt Girl outfit is just one of the many cute outfit ideas as a food mascot! Check them all out and get inspired.

Grab your girlfriends for this fabulous group costume as a League of Their Own! Baseball props are super easy to come by and the dresses are simple, adorable, and you can wear them all year long!

And finally, the most comfortable of all our recommendations… the sweatpants cactus! Grab some green sweats, a bag of string, and get ready to snuggle up all night! Plus you can wear them all winter and keep the spirit of Halloween alive!

Sweatpants Cactus

Hopefully, we were able to give you some inspiration for your costume this year. Always remember, that money can never replace creativity when it comes to expert costume creation!

Get crafty, save money, and have a happy and safe Halloween!

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