Cut Your Grocery Bill with These Tips

Cut Your Grocery Bill with These Tips

How much do you spend on food? If you are like the majority of people, food is one of the top expenses in your life and although it is a vital expense for survival, many of us spend more than we need to. If eating healthy is a priority in your life and you spend a lot because of this reason, you can still cut your grocery bill without settling for highly processed cheap eats. Below are some tips to help you slash your grocery bill!

Meal Planning and Store Sales

Rather than going to the grocery store and picking up whatever is on sale at the time, which leads to inevitable extras that you didn't really need to pick up but you grabbed them because they were on sale, make the most of your grocery shopping while avoiding overspending.

First and foremost, check for deals before you even head to the store. Make a meal plan based on what is on sale and make a list of what you need accordingly. Look for ingredients that can be used in more than one dish, using the idea of cross-utilization.

Use apps like Fetch or iBotta to trim your grocery bill down by simply using your phone!

Shop in Season

Another way to save significant fundage at the grocery store is by eating seasonally ‐ especially if you eat organic produce! By shopping for in-season produce, you not only get better tasting fruits and vegetables most of the time, but you also will be able to get a good amount at a significantly lower price.

Use your Freezer

Another way to reduce your grocery bill is by saving any in-season produce that you buy on sale by preserving it. Freeze vegetables and fruit for later use!

Eating well on a budget is a skill that can be developed by following these grocery-bill-cutting tips!

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