What is a Credit Card Extended Warranty?

What is a Credit Card Extended Warranty?

You have probably bought a product before that comes with a warranty against defects or other issues for a specific duration of time. This is called the manufacturer's limited warranty and it may offer coverage for anywhere from 30 days to as long as 3 or more years.

An extended warranty coverage is one that exceeds the time period of a manufacturer's warranty. Just as you can purchase extended warranties for items you purchase, you can also obtain a credit card extended warranty.

What is a Credit Card Extended Warranty?

Some credit card accounts have special perks, like an extended warranty for qualifying products you purchase with your card. The card network actually backs the item you purchase with an extended warranty that comes in handy if your item breaks outside of the realm of the manufacturer's limited warranty.

How Can I tell if my Credit Card offers Extended Warranty Protection?

Many major credit cards offer warranty protection, including some cards on the American Express, Visa and Master Card networks. Read your benefits guide to determine if your credit card company offers this perk. This guide should have been included with any additional paperwork that came along with your card.

You can also find out whether your card includes this protection online if you have online account access for your card. If all else fails, contact customer service by calling the number on the back of your credit card.

Other Protection Offered by Paying with a Credit Card

In addition to a credit card extended warranty, you may benefit from other cardholder perks when you pay for items with your card. Some cards deliver buyer's remorse protection, which is a great tool to have if you decide you don't really need an item. You can return items within certain windows with this tool.

There are also travel and road protections associated with many cards, along with numerous other perks!

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