8 Pain-Free Ways to Save Money

Looking to get your finances under control?

Follow these 8 pain-free tips:

  • 1. Plan Your Meals. Eating out is one of the biggest expenses for most households. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then -- but avoid going to restaurants merely for convenience’s sake by planning your meals ahead of time.
  • 2. Buy Staples in Bulk. Take advantage of lower prices by buying frequently used items in bulk.
  • 3. Go Green. Installing energy efficient lights, unplugging items you aren’t using and making other green choices is an easy way to save on your bills.
  • 4. De-Clutter. Selling and donating your unused items can bring in some extra income and/or offer tax benefits. Moreover, it will make your home a more comfortable place, helping you spend more time at home rather than going out and spending.
  • 5. Shop Smart. Make the effort to drive to the most affordable store in town and print out coupons beforehand and you are sure to save money. Making a list beforehand will help you avoid impulse purchases while guaranteeing that your don’t have to make a return trip.
  • 6. Keep a Refillable Water Bottle or Two in the Fridge. Contrary to popular belief, bottled water is not held to a higher standard of quality than the water that comes from your tap -- but bottled water is marked up by as much as 280,000 percent compared to the price of tap water. The one real advantage that bottled water offers is convenience, so why not keep a couple of cold bottles in your fridge and save the need less expense?
  • 7. Devote A Bit Of Time and Money to Maintenance Each Week. A penny saved is a penny earned -- and performing regular maintenance on your car, your home, and your appliances can save you a large chunk of change over time. This list can help get you started.
  • 8. Take Advantage of Community Services. Libraries, parks, public pools, and a plethora of local services can help you save money and have a blast without spending a cent. You already pay for them with your tax dollars, so why not take advantage!

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