4 Investing Mistakes you Should Avoid

4 Investing Mistakes you Should Avoid

When you make a mistake in investing, it is not as easily fixed, potentially haunting you for years. Money you lose as a result of choosing the wrong stocks or paying unnecessary fees could limit your portfolio's potential and require you to pay more to reach the same total. If you are struggling to save already, this may seem impossible. To help you avoid this type of scenario, we have come up with a quick list of some of the most common investing mistakes you should avoid.

Investing Too Aggressively or Conservatively
Some people dive head first into investing, putting everything in at once. Others are hesitant and barely get their feet wet. Being too aggressive can backfire, causing you to lose a massive chunk of your portfolio, which can be hard to rebuild to regain your losses. If you adopt an overly conservative approach to investing, you lose out on growth potential, requiring you to contribute more to keep up with your peers who invest more aggressively. Find a balance.

Failing to Plan
Don't make the mistake of failing to plan your financial future. Many studies show that people who are methodical and create an investment plan tend to outperform their peers by far. Without a plan, you are more gambling and not investing, which is not the wisest way to handle your financial future.

Being Impatient
The power of slow-and-steady progress is important when it comes to investing. Have a slow, steady and disciplined approach and you will see it go a lot further over the long term than opting for last minute investments on stocks that seem big at the time.

Failing to Diversify
Many professional investors are able to generate excess return over a benchmark by investing in just a few positions, most common investors should avoid this method. The principal of diversification will get you a lot further, allocating exposure to all major spaces. As a general rule of thumb, try not to allocate more than 5 to 10 percent in any single investment.

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